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5 star limousine

Lodi Wineries & Vineyards

With a grape-growing history that dates back more than a century, Lodi is widely known and respected for its dedication to farming and rich heritage. It offers a diverse portfolio of intriguing wines.

5 star limousine
5 star limousine

Lodi is home to nearly 80 wineries, approximately 100,000 acres of premium vineyards and is known as one of California’s most exciting wine country destinations. It is a region where a new generation of growers is rediscovering its rich heritage and set out to produce world-class wines that rival the best that California has to offer. 


Featured Destination Options

Hourly Charter Rate

Type of Vehicle Max Capacity Min Rental Starting Hourly Rate
Executive Luxury Sedan 3 Pax 6 Hours $ 79.95
Executive Luxury SUV 6 Pax 6 Hours $ 99.95
First Class Luxury Sedan 3 Pax 6 Hours $ 124.95
First Class Luxury SUV 6 Pax 6 Hours $ 109.95
Premium Electric Vehicle 4 Pax 6 Hours $ 114.95
VIP Stretch Limousine 8 Pax 6 Hours $ 109.95
Extra Large Passenger Van 14 Pax 6 Hours $ 139.95
Mercedes Sprinter Party Bus Limo 12 Pax 6 Hours $ 174.95
Mercedes Sprinter Executive Coach 12 Pax 6 Hours $ 159.95
H2 Hummer Limousine 16 Pax 6 Hours $ 259.95
Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine 18 Pax 6 Hours $ 229.95
Limousine Party Bus 20 Pax 6 Hours $ 229.95
Limousine Party Bus 26 Pax 6 Hours $ 259.95


FAQ: What happened if my by-the-hour ride ends outside of the city it started in? 

If you make an hourly booking that ends in a different city  from the pickup location, you will be charged for the additional distance it takes the chauffeur to return to the originating city.

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Rate Disclaimer: These rates could vary depending on your pickup location, and travel time may apply. Some vehicles are not available locations.


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Your safety comes first. Our interest is to get you to and from your destination in a safe and timely manner. It’s why our drivers are highly vetted, licensed, and insured. Our Drivers, dispatchers, and customer care representatives work hand in hand to make sure every ride is a safe ride!


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