Frequently asked questions

Here are the general questions asked by users.

To ensure cleanliness and air quality for all our guests, smoking is not permitted in Blacway vehicles. This includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and any other tobacco or non-tobacco products consumed via smoking. Violating this policy can result in additional charges.
The maximum luggage allowance shown for each booking is based on safety, so we do not recommend exceeding this limit. If you are traveling with more luggage than the allowance, ensure you book enough vehicles to be able to transport all your belongings without going over the maximum capacity. Chauffeurs retain the right to refuse service based on the amount of additional luggage, and excess baggage may also result in additional charges.
The maximum for each service class is displayed in the booking. These numbers are not absolute as they are based on average luggage sizes. As safety is our highest priority, chauffeurs may decline service if the number of guests or luggage would make the ride unsafe.
If you make an hourly booking that ends in a different city from the pickup location, you will be charged for the additional distance it takes the chauffeur to return to their city.
The cleanliness of the vehicles is an important part of our service, so we discourage the consumption of food during rides. Alcoholic drinks are only allowed to be consumed in the car with prior consent, and if in agreement with local laws. If a guest becomes too intoxicated, the chauffeur may ask the guest to refrain from drinking, and if it is compromising safety, they may stop the ride. If the vehicle requires cleaning due to spilled food or drinks, there may be an additional charge. All vehicles have bottled water on-board to provide you with a refreshing drink, which is of course free of charge.
No! Children and minors must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the ride.
You have the option for Airport curbside pick-up, or you can request for an inside pickup. Airport curbside pick-up will need to call the dispatch after collecting baggage, and ready to go, and the driver will pick you up at an agreed location. For inside pickup; The chauffeur will wait at the airline's baggage claim area with your personalized name-sign. For airport pickups where the meeting point is different, the location will be written in the booking confirmation email.
We allow a 1-hour free waiting time for airport arrival pickup. For all other bookings, waiting, and overtime charges will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the reservation. Waiting /Overtime time charge will be billed in 30-minute increments based on the hourly rate of the vehicle booked for the trip.
You will need to postpone or cancel your booking and rebook when you are cleared (negative test result) by your doctor. We do not transport passengers who have known symptoms of the Coronavirus such as cough, fever, or chills. This will help us to stop the spread of Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2).

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